3D Printing Biology

Exhibition on 3D printed technology for bird eggs

3D prototypeFor those who missed the exhibition on the subject of 3D printing in biology,  here are some photographs and objects. You will have the opportunity to see some of the 3D printed objects for bird eggs in autumn at the exhibition room of Wageningen UR library. The exact data and programme will be announced soon .


3D modelling and 3D printing enable us to produce artificial eggs that match more accurately the eggs for any species, such as for the great tit (Parus major). Eggs vary in shape, size, and colour among bird species and 3D printing allows custom made solutions for each of them. Artificial Canary eggs are easy to use in some research projects as they are commercially available, but their shape and size limits their application to only few species who accept them as their own eggs. We took the averages of thousands of measurements for creating this standard egg replicate of a great tit egg. For info click here ….

Video, click here…

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Jutta Wirth 3D printing biology