3D scan & 3D print

A 3D scanner offers the possibility to scan and digitize an object in its three-dimensionality. The 3D scanner is used to create a 3D model in which the structures of an object are accurately reproduced. The 3D scan technique creates an exact copy or replica, a CAD model, that matches the original object. With this approach, you have the possibility to create the same or new products. Through 3D scanning processes a 3D CAD model is created. These 3D file format can be used to create file format for 3d printers. With the 3D printer you can produce an exact duplicate (replica) of your object or a different variant of your object, different in size or color.

How does 3D scanning  and 3D printing work?

The structures are faithfully reproduced and generated in a 3D model and printed with a 3D printer. Look at YouTube video link …

3D print of a rooster

The desired print size and colors can be set on the 3D printer. This 3D scan project is about a rooster made of wax. The goal was to scan this rooster in 3D and make 3D prints with a 3D printer. The rooster was designed by an artist and is the exact replica of a living rooster.

A 3D scan file was produced using a 3D scanner that exactly matches the original. The patterns and complex structures were scanned and processed with 3D design software. The prepared file can be exported to an STL file format and printed in 3D. It is recommended to use a file in STL format that is smaller than 25 MB. With a 3D drawing program, TinkerCAD and Fusion360, adjustments and changes were made.

The difficulty in creating the 3D scan was that the rooster figure was brown. That made it difficult for the laser scan. Black and dark objects absorb the light and do not reflect the laser beams. One solution was to use a white washable spray. This facilitated the light reflection and therefore the object could be scanned as a 3D object. Then the generated file was read in a 3D drawing program. So that the rooster stands upright, some adjustments were made with a drawing program (TinkerCAD, Fusion360). A small platform has been added on which the rooster is embedded with its feet.

3D-Scan & 3D print roosterReferences: This is a project of Makerslab Ede;http://makerslab.nl/Manual: EinScan-Pro+;https://www.einscan.com/handheld-3d-scanner/einscan-pro-plus/ Manual TINKERCAD Weblinks:http://ingegno.be/Manuals/Tinkercad.pdf Equipment:3D-Scanner: EinScan-Pro + 3D-Drucker: Ultimaker2+; 0,4 mm Nozzle. Materials:Filament: PLA, 1,75 mm, color silver; Spray: standard, white, washable. Contact: info@biobioseminas.com

3D scannen and 3D printen3D scannen and 3D printen