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Biobioseminars offers consulting and praktical workshops for molecular biology, 3D printing and laser cutting as a service company. Biobioseminars services range from training and education courses in the areas of laboratory methods, life molecules, health analyzes, nature and environmental analysis as well as 3D printing. The training courses and seminars are held on Wageningen University & Research Campus, at HAN BioCentre in Nijmegen or FabLab Wageningen University & Research Campus. Biobioseminars acts at the interface between biology and medicine. In particular, the company provides consulting and education in the fields of molecular biology and genetics. Biobioseminars was founded by Jutta Wirth. She has completed her university degrees in biology in Germany, at the University of Berlin and Freiburg. She has worked as an experienced scientist at universities and companies in Germany and the Netherlands. Jutta Wirth has more than 24 scientific publications.


Professional consulting
Development of laboratory techniques
Seminars and training courses
Field of activity:

Molecular Diagnostics
Cell Culture Techniques
3D Printing, laser cutting, for 3D projects take a look at the video…

3D Scan

Cell culture training Nijmegen,  Flyer

Cell culture training Wageningen, Flyer

3D printing and 2D Lasercut at FabLab, on Wageningen University & Research Campus.

Language: German, English and Dutch. All courses and seminars can be held at Wageningen University and Research Campus, BioHan Centre Nijmegen or FabLab Wageningen University & Research Campus.

Cell course explaining practical work for blood testing in the laboratory

Practical work for blood testing in the laboratory










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