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Dog health

Genetics and dog health, a literature review, read more ….   Wetenschapswinkelrapport 318:Prevalence of genetic disorders in dog breeds: a literature review’, door Jutta Wirth.  

Happy Medical Products

Non-animal methods for predicting toxic effects of cosmetics and drugs. In vitro cell system (in the test tube) to avoid animal studies. Read more about alternative non-animal methods and become familiar with cell culturing...

Avian Influenza

Background information on avian influenza. Read more…. ____________________________________________________________________________

Barbecue Season

Dear Biobioseminars reader, Summer Barbecue Season is coming. Lab hamburger or in vitro meat, new insights: See article of Cor van der Weele and Johannes Tramper with the title: Cultured meat: every village its...

Fit for your job: Where practical hands meet the future Info MTA Dialog 2/15 (2014), p. 150-151 To register, click here ….

Cellculture and Lab

Appropriate lab analysis and reliability Share experiences Register now, click here…. click here for movie… _______________________________________________________