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Biology and medicine meet each other

Biobioseminars, at the interface between biology and medicine, offers you a wide range of seminars and practical courses in (1) biolab, (2)  life molecules, (3) health and (4) nature.

It`s a girl or a boy?

It`s a girl or a boy?. Do you need more knowledge and better understanding of DNA-fingerprinting or tissue culture techniques? Modern techniques like PCR- methods to determine pathogens or deeper knowledge on methods that are used to handle and to study biological material or biological functions?

Professionals, teachers, students and pupils

Do you need training in studying molecules, micro-organisms and cells in the laboratory or in health care services? Are you interested in various biological fields applied to medicine and health care? Then you have chosen the right page. More knowledge and better understanding. Take a look at our seminars and practical courses. More information on these courses and on the equipment and facilities can be obtained, by emailing to: info@biobioseminars.com.