3D printing for students

3D printing and laser cutting

Visit of more than 50 high school students to FabLab Wageningen. What can you do with 3D printing, laser cutting, engraving, 3D printing and sticker cutting? Thinking about making prototypes or packaging prototypes? You can use 3D printing for fast fabrication of prototypes.

3D printing materials

In 3D printing you can make use of a growing number of materials: plastics, rubber and metals such as aluminum, steel and titanium. On 17th of March 2016 Bries Heijnen and Jutta Wirth gave an introduction for 3D printing and laser cutting to more than 50 high school students from Pantarijn within their international student exchange progam with students from Hungary, Gödöllö. See also link to FabLab Wageningen…


3D digital fabrication

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