study 3D printing at Wageningen University & Research 3D printing Workshop

Workshop 3D printing and 2D lasercutting (3 days) at FabLab Wageningen University & Research Campus

This workshop on 3D printing and 2D Laser cut is for teachers, students and suitable for specialists at Wageningen University & Research

In this workshop series you learn about 3D and 2D CAD programs  and techniques. The main focus lays on 3D printing and laser cutting. You will use open source software like Sketchup and Inkscape to create digital models. The digital models will be further processed into a product design. With digital controlled machines including 3D printers and a laser cutter you will manufacture your own product. You will understand digital and manufacturing processes that are used to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. In addition you will explore different materials that are used for 3D printing and laser cutting.

With a laser cutter you will cut and engrave different plate material. All kind of sheet material will be used in this 3D & 2D workshop: Paper, carton, wood, plastic materials, rubber, leather and glass. The participant makes a draft design using the program Inkscape. The digital version of the design will then be tested in practice to evaluate the machine dependent processes in details. The participant will get a detailed picture about CAD (computer aided design) and processes of appropriate 3D and 2D shapes and designs.

Wageningen University & Research Campus provides 3D printing and 3D printing workshops. This 3D printing and 2D lasercutting workshop will be held in English, Dutch or German and is limited to a number of 8 participants. This 3-day course is also offered as a module to Aeres University of Applied Sciences.

3D printing workshop at Wageningen University & Research

People working together in the 3D printing training workshop