Study plastics in Cosmetics

Cosmetic products and their ingredients, that was the topic of the lesson in the classroom in Dortmund. How precise can you measure the healthiness of cosmetic products and guaranty safety of cosmetic products for human health?

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Which analytical methods can be used to assess comprehensive safety and waste management of cosmetic products for human health?

Cosmetics play a big role because cosmetics are our daily essentials. We conducted tests on cosmetic products to see how healthy they are for human skin. I was invited as an expert on the research field plastic and micro plastic in the oceans and in the sea.

Plastic is not only present in the oceans and the sea, you can find plastics and micro particles also in cosmetic products. Mr. Schubert is the teacher of economic and social sciences and in addition of biology at the Johann-Gutenberg-Realschule Dortmund. He initiated this activities and exchanges. Important questions were asked from the students about plastic. Why is there so much plastic and micro plastic in the sea and in the oceans? What does plastic and micro plastic do to the environment? What effects has it on microorganisms, what does plastic do to plants and animals and the surface waters? What steps can be undertaken to ensure a sustainable waste management.

micro plastic in the sea and in the ocean