Service and Training Biobioseminars Labmethods at Wageningen University & Research Campus

Biobioseminars offers consulting and development of molecular biology methods as a service company. Biobioseminars services range from training and education courses in the areas of laboratory methods, life molecules, health analyzes, nature and environmental analyzes as well as 3D printing. The training courses and seminars are held on Wageningen University & Research Campus, at HAN BioCentre in Nijmegen or FabLab Wageningen University & Research Campus. With Biobioseminars we offer consulting, seminars and practical courses for

Molecular Diagnostics

Cell Culture Techniques

Laboratory research and development

DNA-and PCR techniques

Field of activities: Real-Time PCR, Primer Design, Cell Culture and Techniques, Stem Cells, DNA Fingerprint, Mutation analysis

Target groups: Biotech companies, Students and teachers, Universities and University of Applied science,

Organizations of human and animal Heath, Medical and health specialists, Medical technologist, analysts (MTA, BTA, CTA)

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