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Analyse Text

How can you analyse large amounts of texts? Learn more about Textmining  strategies and software solutions. Large quantities of text data? Complex biological data? Find a fast way to extract your information and search your...

How dogs smell cancer, sense of smell, volatile organic compounds, VOCs, dogs as detectives, sniffing dogs, dogs as biosensors, prostate cancer, smell of tumor proteins, perfumes, dogs smell cancer

How dogs smell cancer

How can dogs smell cancer? Learn interesting facts about dogs’noses and how they can be trained to detect cancer. Sensitive Noses in the Hospital: When Hotsche Luik and Michel Grobbe, both dog trainers, announced their presentation...

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Study biology

Study biology. We offer courses and workshops to Study biology. How far we are away from Dino DNA? Detecting your roots and understanding complex genetic relations with the help of DNA sequence databases and...

Study chemie

Chemisty in everyday life

Basic knowledge in molecular biology and genetics, chemistry and biochemisty. Read more about in vitro (test tube) tests and other non-animal test methods…. Bioforum, alternative-Pruefmethoden.pdf Wirth, J. (2015). Neue Trends: Die tierversuchsfreie Route. In...

Dog health

Genetics and dog health, a literature review, read more ….   Wetenschapswinkelrapport 318:Prevalence of genetic disorders in dog breeds: a literature review’, door Jutta Wirth.  

Happy Medical Products

Non-animal methods for predicting toxic effects of cosmetics and drugs. In vitro cell system (in the test tube) to avoid animal studies. Read more about alternative non-animal methods and become familiar with cell culturing...

Avian Influenza

Background information on avian influenza. Read more…. ____________________________________________________________________________