DNA fingerprinting

Genetic fingerprint

Basic Course „Genetic Fingerprinting“ by using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Amplification of DNA sequences from your own cells and DNA profiling

Target Group: interested people, biologist, teachers, in the field of biology, laboratory medicine, diagnostics, veterinary science

  • Course description:

In the practical part of the fingerprint course you will use your own buccal cells and other cell types to perform a genetic fingerprint. With the help of the Polymerase Chain Reaction a specific region which is highly variable between different individuals you will be amplified and prepared a DNA profile. In this basic course you will learn in theory and practice everything about genetic fingerprinting and Polymerase Chain Reaction. The results of the PCR will be assessed by electrophoresis using agarose gel.


  • Structure of the cell, DNA/RNA
  • Isolation of DNA/RNA
  • Using Polymerase Chain Reaction for DNA-profiling
  • Amplification of a target sequence
  • Gel loading of PCR products
  • Gel electrophoretic analysis are used to separate DNA fragments
  • Interpretation of the DNA-profiling

Dates and times: 8 hours teaching unites

Place: Wageningen, other city

Date: XX.XX.2016 Weekdays: 10.00-17.30

Seminar Nr.:XXX

Number of participants: 10

Instructor: Dr. rer. nat. Jutta Wirth

Fees:€ XXX,- for members, € XXX,- for non-members

(The price includes coffee break refreshments)

Qualification: 50 Qualification points

Booking: This course can be booked by via the registration

The course is particularly suitable for schools, institutions, training organisations.