3D printing at Wageningen University & Research

Jutta Wirth working in the FabLab Wageningen, this was reported in the magazine Resource of Wageningen University & Research (resource.wur.nl).
In my work as a molecular cell biologist, I was approached by people asking me about 3D printed organs. How is it possible to reproduce human organs and making 3D artificial hearts and kidneys with your own stem cells? I have to admit that I first thought that this is a pretty strange idea and not realistic at all. So I took the opportunity to get more insight into 3D printing processes and the required 3D techniques involved. Introduction courses of FabLab Wageningen brought me closer to the 3D printing technique and closer to enthusiastic and visionary people.

The FabLab Wageningen inspired me in many ways, so that I am also within the team giving workshops and courses with my colleges for 3D printing and CAD technologies.
3D printing is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world and it starts now that schools are building their own 3D printers and try their best to establish good education material. Certainly, we therefore look for closer collaboration with teachers, schools and also with the university. It would be fantastic to introduce you to this new 3D world. You are always welcome to visit the FabLab Wageningen on Saturdays, 2pm-18pm – 14h18h.

Read about the 3D printing workplace in the magazine Resource of Wageningen&Research

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